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A new monthly beginner series starts the first Wednesday of every single month!

Classes are 7:30-8:30 by the Dayton Mall, followed by open dancing until whenever.

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Welcome to SwingOutDaytonDayton's Home for Lindy Hoppers


Welcome! Been wanting something different to do that combines great music, physical activity, and great people? Swing dancing might just fit the bill:

Dancers of all experience levels love it because of the infinite possibilities of improvisation within a partnered dance. Everyone literally makes up their own moves while being connected as lead and follow.

Musicians and jazz lovers love it because we appreciate some really old jazz (from the 20's 30's and 40's) the way it was meant to be appreciated.... as songs for everyone to dance to. This music wasn't meant for foot-tappers in an audience--it was meant to get you on the dance floor!

Kids of all ages love it because it can be tailored to whatever you want in your next thing-to-do. Want to meet some new people? Social dancing is a great no-pressure way to do it. Don't care about meeting new people? That's fine, we're all here to dance. Just want to learn some basics and get some confidence on the social dance floor? We have a beginner class that starts over every 1st Wednesday. Want to get more in-depth? We have more advanced classes and practice sessions for people who get really hooked. Everyone has different reasons for getting into swing dancing, and we can guarantee that you'll find other people who got into it for the same reasons as you.

SwingOutDayton started as a group of complete strangers who met at a club when swing dancing was, well, what everyone else was doing... But we liked it so much that we made it our mission to build an ever-evolving community of swing dancers dedicated to this All-American tradition.

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